SpaceDesign List Attributes

SpaceDesign List Attributes allow you to display more than one attribute value in a table cell.
This feature is only available in SpaceDesign Pro

This allows you to display more attributes without making the table too wide.

In this example, LenX, LenY and Name are all displayed in a single cell called 'list'.
Note that LenX and LenY are totaled at the bottom of the report.

Defining List attributes

The attribute column to display the list must have is_list checked.

The attributes to display in the list attribute, bust have list_in set to the name of the list cell.
(In this example we called the list cell list. It could have had a different name)

Attributes definitions for list.
See notes on the highlighted settings below.

Note the highlighted areas:

  • list:
  • has Total checked to created totals for this column
  • has is_List check to specify that this column will contain other attributes.
  • 'DC: LenX and DC: LenY:
  • have 'Total checked so they will be included in the total.
  • have Suppress checked so they will not appear on the report as separate columns.
  • have List_in set to list - the name of the attribute they are displayed in
  • DC: Name
  • does not have Total checked, because it does not make sense to total this attribute.
  • Note on totals:
The totals in this example are not done properly. To create the totals properly, DC: LenX and DC: LenY would need to have been extended into another attribute by multiplying them by the count, and the new attribute would need to have been used for the list cell and the totals.

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