Lights Tab

Lights Tab

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Light Balance

Sets the dominant source of ambient brightness for the image, the sun and sky, or lamps and other light fixtures.

When this value is modified, a new rendering has to be generated, the resume rendering function will not incorporate the change.

Ambient Light

Ambient Light is the overall brightness of the image, solved during rendering. A lower ambient value will produce more contrast in the rendered image, higher ambient values will flatten the rendering. See: Ambient Light


  • Use Watts instead of Lumens for Lamp Units - The unit method for lighting, by default is Lumens.
  • Use Monte Carlo reflections - helps resolve small blurred reflections with bright spots (slow)
  • Use Camera lights - A special lighting condition that will provide illumination when no other lighting is available.
See Also: Camera Light

Use Indirect Lighting (reflected light) - See Also: Indirect Lighting

  • None - Light bouncing off of surfaces is not included in the lighting solution for the rendering
  • Standard or Gather - Standard is faster than Gather and will produce essential the same solution
  • # bounces (1-4) - More light bounces from surfaces will increase rendering time but result in a more accurate lighting solution.

Light Balancer

Sets the number of channels to use and default channels for groups of lights. See: Light Balancer

Set light channels

Sets the names of the Light Balancer channels.

Other Setup Options