Ambient Light

Ambient light is a preset brightness added to the entire scene. With the help of Ambient Light, you can highlight parts of an image with lamps, and adjust the Ambient/Lamp balance to illuminate the rest of the scene.

Brightness slider on render window

Ambient Light and Presets


Ambient light is automatically set with each Lighting Preset Option Presets Tab .

  • High Dynamic - sets Ambient Light to Studio brightness - very low.
  • Exterior - sets Ambient Light to High.
  • Interior w/sun - sets Ambient Light to Medium.
  • Interior no sun - sets Ambient Light to Medium.

The balance between ambient light and artificial lights can be adjusted on the Lights Tab .

Ambient Light Balance

Balance Ambient Light and Lamps on the Lights tab.


Note: To adjust the balance of the Sun and/or Sky with artificial lights, use Sun and Sky Intensity on the Sky Tab .

Interior Scene - Ambient/Lamps Balance at 50/50

More light from lamps
Interior Scenes - Notice the contrast between light and dark areas in these renderings.
Ambient/Lamps Balance 10/90
Ambient/Lamps Balance 20/80


Less light from lamps
Interior Scenes - Lower contrast, softer lights
Ambient/Lamps Balance 90/10
Ambient/Lamps Balance 80/20


Frequently asked questions

  • This scene is inside of a 6-sided cube. There are no lights. Why is the ceiling brighter than the floor?
Ambient lighting is intentionally non-uniform -- and more light is pointed up.

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