May 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the May Render Plus Software Newsletter. In the news this month … ArchVision RPC compatibility, new HDRi and more!}}

ArchVision RPC - Render Plus Compatible!

ArchVision is an established provider of Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC) - 3D objects/assets frequently described as entourage (vehicles, people, trees, etc.) that designers use to fill a scene to help bring it to life, providing context and scale. RPC 3D objects/assets contain software and content (photo image data) that provides incredible richness of detail and quality. These ArchVision objects/assets can be rendered using the latest versions of IRender nXt, ArielVision, nXtRender for AutoCAD, or nXtRender for Revit (active license holders download via, or contact us Render Plus Support Email for guidance).
2022 May 3 ArchVision SM post.png
RPC rendered with IRender nXt for SketchUp

ArchVision RPC is now powered by AVAIL. AVAIL is a standalone application that works similarly to Microsoft File Explorer enabling you to manage and use all of your organization’s locally stored digital assets, and objects/assets from ArchVision and other providers. You can simply drag and drop objects/assets and materials into your models. The basic AVAIL application is available to download for free for an unlimited period of time. There is also a subscription version of AVAIL - see capabilities and pricing on the ArchVision site. 

ArchVision provides its Legacy and Prime RPC channels through AVAIL via their Standard subscription.

Questions? Contact us via Render Plus Support Email

Customer Quote of the Month

"What is remarkable with this is how many high-quality images can be produced in such a short timeframe with IRender SU" Graham, UK

IRender SU - Our New SketchUp Rendering Extension

Try our new IRender SU SketchUp rendering extension. Faster loading and rendering, unlimited lighting channels, handles more lights, higher resolution, improved productivity!
Download a 30 day free trial.
IRender SU videos on YouTube
Read our IRender SU Case Study.

Amphitheatre Surround Landscape.png

Questions? Contact via Render Plus Support Email

nXtRender for AutoCAD and nXtRender for Revit: Now 2023 Compatible!

We are pleased to announce that our nXtRender for AutoCAD and nXtRender for Revit rendering plugins are 2023 compatible! If you purchased / renewed your nXtRender license in the last 12 months, download the latest version. If your license is older than 12 months you will need to renew it after which you can download the latest 2023 compatible version. Contact us via Render Plus Support Email if you need help locating your license number.

HDRi Background of the Month

This month's HDRi background is ""Stuttgart Hillside" from Poly Haven. Poly Haven provides free HDRi backgrounds, textures and models.
Stuttgart Hillside.png

Share a Recent Rendering!

If you're a licensed user of our rendering software (IRender nXt, IRender SU, ArielVision, nXtRender) submit your latest renderings (5 or less) for our Rendering of the Month competition today! The winner is announced by email and also posted to the Rendering of the Month page on our website.

2022 Mar RotM winner.jpg
March's Rendering of the Month Winner
Conservatory by Tony Gardner

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