IRender Plus and ArielVision now contain automatic support for RPC (Rich Photorealistic Content) placed with ArchVIsion 's SketchUp Architectural Entourage

RPC is the image-based rendering technology of choice for many of the leading animation, CAD, real-time simulation, and 3D modeling software packages on the market today. Native and plug-in RPC support now exists in SketchUp®, AutoCAD and Revit® using IRender nXt , ArielVision , or nXtRender for AutoCAD.



Sample images using RPC Objects from ArchVision RPC Gallery.

These images are rendered with various renderers.

SketchUp model - rendered with RPC people, trees and vehicles

RPS Street 800.gif

Rotate objects to view from different directions

4 RPC objects placed in SketchUp with different rotations
4 RPC objects, with different rotations, rendered in IRender Plus


  • Wow your Clients!
Impress them with high quality images. Set your project apart from the rest!
  • Fast
RPC files cut the polygon count! RPC file format means faster render times and smaller file size.
  • Mass Edit and Mass Populate
Place Hundreds of RPCs within a scene - perfect for parking lots, filling stadiums and arenas, or a tree-filled scene!
  • Ease of Use
RPC enables you to improve your workflow.
  • Content and Tools for Every Project
Wide selection of libraries featuring People, Trees, Objects and Cars!

Usage with SketchUp RPC Architectural Entourage

See: SketchUp RPC Architectural Entourage

1) Install Archvision Dashboard (or re-install get the latest version)

2) Launch the ArcVision Dashboard and login. (Create a free account if you don't already have one)

3) Under the Plug-ins / Software panel click on the Update button next to RPC for SketchUp

Update panel.png

View Complete Usage Instructions Here

RPC Toolbar.jpg

RPC Objects you place will automatically be rendered properly with IRender nXt or ArielVision

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