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3D Design Studio


Additional Seats: $18

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Photorealistic rendering with IRender nXt, 3D editing tools, Attributes, Reports and more

IRender nXt


Additional Seats: $15

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Full Powered Photorealistic Rendering for SketchUp



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Simple, but powerful Rendering for SketchUp

Why IRender nXt?

IRender nXt Features and Reviews

These are some important features contained in IRender nXt and 3D Design Studio only, but not in ArielVision.

Light Balancer

- Quickly balance the brightness of light sources - such as the sun and sky and interior lights.

  • Create Nighttime scene by switching off the sun, and lowering the intensity of the sky
  • Adjust intensity of other groups of lights
  • Set intensity of "self-glow" panels on the wall
  • Quickly get the desired lighting effects without having to change and re-render the model

IRender nXt Reviews

Rendering quality above all expectations. Amazing and realistic render results from the first attempt just shocked me. I was ready to buy this program instantly.

Few days later, I did.”


An Excellent plug-in. Very easy to learn and use. It took me a day to know all there was, to fine tune everything. Love the user interface and how intuitive it is. Very powerful and fast as long as you don't surpass Sketchup limitations.”

More Reviews

Scene Balanced using the Light Balancer Nighttime-landscape-cropped.jpg
Groups of lights are balanced, by light type,
using slider bars to quickly get the rendering you want.

Light Balancer Video

Lighting Channels Video.jpg

Watch: Light Balancer Video

Other IRender nXt Features

nXt Material Library - More than 5,000 Predefined materials.
nXtPlant Library - More than 500 Predefined 3D Plants.
Animations - Fully rendered walkthroughs and movies.
Advanced Material Properties - Glossy, Fresnel, Caustics, Thick Glass, etc.

See: Feature Comparison for a full list of product features.

(for Microsoft Windows. There are no Mac versions available.)

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