Which renderer should you use with SketchUp

ArielVision is an inexpensive easy to use rendering extension for SketchUp which creates beautiful renderings. It is easy to use because it contains only the essential features needed for renderings.

IRender nXt costs just a little more but has many more features. The additional features will increase the learning curve slightly because to use special things like fog, depth of field, and caustic glass, to name a few, you have to decide whether to include these options and set their values. These features can make even better renderings, but it may take more time to set them up.

How should I decide which Renderer to try and purchase?

We invite you to try them both, using our 30-day Free Trial. Visit: Download to download and install a 30-Day Trial of ArielVision and also IRender nXt (you can run both at the same time with SketchUp!). We have also provided some general guidelines below, which might help you decide which rendering program is the best match for your business.


IRender nXt is a feature-rich rendering extension for SketchUp. If you know that you will need all the high-end features available - even if you won't use them right away, you will want to choose IRender nXt.

ArielVision makes it easy to create better high-resolution images from your SketchUp model and is surprisingly easy to learn. Several features that are in IRender nXt that are not in ArielVision: Depth-of-Field, Special Reflection Settings, Special Transparency Settings, Light Balancer, among others. ArielVision is a very capable rendering program that you will master quickly.


If renderings of your SketchUp models is an important part of your professional offering, we recommend IRender nXt, a very affordable and highly capable rendering extension.

If cost is your primary concern, ArielVision is an ideal low-cost alternative.

Rendering Enginse

ArielVision employs a biased rendering engines. Biased methods emphasize rendering speed over mathematical accuracy in the finished rendering.

IRender nXt includes both biased and unbiased rendering options in the same program. While biased rendering methods are generally faster, unbiased methods are mathematically accurate. The benefit to having both available for your projects is that you can decide with each new rendering whether speed or accuracy matches the requirements for your renderings and project deadlines.

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