SketchUp Rendering - RENDERLights and other rendering products

Consider IRender nXt or ArielVision as a low cost, easy to use alternative to RENDERLights


RENDERLights, IRender nXt and other rendering products for Trimble SketchUp

RENDERLights is a rendering product for SketchUp. If you are looking for a rendering product for SketchUp we recommend you also consider IRender nXt and ArielVision . These compete with these very well and have many ease of use and user interface features which make them a better choice for your SketchUp Rendering engine..


SketchUp model rendering with IRender nXt. Courtesy Nick Norman.

Some of the considerations are:

Full Integration into SketchUp

All of your rendering setting can be made from SketchUp and they are all stored in the SketchUp Model.

This save you time because when you change to model and re-render you to not have to enter the settings again. They are remembered and automatically applies to the next rendering.

Easy to Use

  • Material Settings are made by right clicking on a materiel in SketchUp and quickly setting things such as reflection, refraction, etc.
  • Libraries of Materials - our libraries of preset materials make it easy to add common reflective materials to SketchUp.
  • Lamp Wizard - place light bulbs, ceiling lights, or custom fixtures directly into SketchUp.

Powerful Rendering Engine

We use the AccuRender nXt rendering engine which we use has all the latest, modern features for top quality, Photorealistic renderings.

Rendering Features - choose which ones you need

We listen to what our clients tell us about

IRender nXt lets you use all of the features of the AccuRender nXt rendering engine.
ArielVision uses just the ones which are needed for most renderings.

The right price

Check out our pricing. Both of our products will save you money while offering top quality rendering.

IRender nXt has all the modern rendering features you need at a very competitive price.
ArielVision with fewer features, and is easier to use, and has an even lower price.