SketchUp Plugins

SketchUp Plugins are third party add-ons to SketchUp.

How to find Plugins and Ruby scripts

SketchUp Plugins and Applications

New HDRI illumination in IRender nXt - quality renderings without adding lights.
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  • IRender nXt - Full featured, ray trace rendering for SketchUp.
IRender nXt - Getting Started
IRender nXt Features
IRender nXt - New Version
IRender nXt Reference Manual
  • ArielVision - Beginning, ray trace rendering for SketchUp.
ArielVision - Getting Started
Feature Comparison
  • SpaceDesign - Attributes and Reporting for SketchUp models.
See: SpaceDesign
  • NprTools - Non-Photorealistic imaging tools for SketchUp
NprTools - New Version

AccuRender nXt for Revit Help - Table of Contents

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