Authorization for Render Plus products is done on a per-Seat basis.

After you receive your license number from us on-line (for some products) or by email.

AccuRender nXt for Revit can validated on line.

On-line Registration

Control panel.png
1. Start Revit and load the nXt Control Panel. See Getting Started .
2. Open the Setup dialog Revit setup.png and click on the License button, to load the Online Licensing dialog.
Online licensing.png
3. Fill in the required information on the Online Licensing dialog, including your name, phone number, email address, and the company name, if applicable.
4. Fill in the License box with your License Number
5. Leave the Authcode or Security code box blank.
6. Click Validate

Email Registration

Send email.png

If the steps for On-line registration do not work

  1. Load the License Dialog as outlined above.
  2. Click Send Email to send the licensing information to Render Plus Systems.
  3. Wait for an email response from Render Plus with your authcode.

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