Rendering Tip - Save and Recall Setup Options


Architectural models and the renderings that are produced from them are inherently complex. Setup Options for renderings will usually vary from one scene to another, the most obvious differences are probably necessary for exterior and interior scenes. An ability to save and recall Setup options easily saves time and effort while a model is underway and especially when renderings are needed during the model building exercise. In this tutorial we'll explore methods for saving and recalling Setup options, and a few other details that make it easy to render a scene again with the same options, even while a model is being developed.

Setup Options

The rules for rendering a scene are managed with the Setup Options dialog. To display Setup Options:


Collapsed view: Setup Options - IRender nXt V:PC28nXt7.0

The collapsed view represents a simplified set of options for rendering.
IRender nXtSetupOptionsSM PC28.jpg

Expanded view: Setup Options - IRender nXt V:PC28nXt7.0

The expanded view adds advanced options for more experienced users.
IRender nXtSetupOptionsPC28.jpg

Save Options

There are a few ways that rendering options can be saved and recalled. The first is available on the Setup Options dialog.

Setup Options - More

Save Options is available when you:

  1. Click More
  2. Click Expand to show advanced options

IR SaveOpts MoreSM PC28.jpg

Save as User Defaults

Typically used to save options that are not specifically set for the current model and scene. Save as User Defaults does not require input.

Save to File

Typically used to save options to match the current model and scene. The file is saved to the user specified computer location and file name.

IR SaveOpts SaveFile PC28.jpg


Option values are written to JPEG files. Please note that if the file is opened and saved by another program, the values are not retained.

IR RenderWin ClickSave.jpg

Render Window Setup Options

Setup Options can be accessed from the render window. Changes to option values are saved when a new rendering is processed.

IR RenderWin ClickOptions.jpg

Load Options Values from

There are a variety of ways to recall options for renderings:

User Defaults

Available when User Defaults options have been saved. Does not load automatically when SketchUp is started.


Browse to the folder where options files have been written, select a file and load.

JPEG Image

JPEG files saved by IRender nXt include render options, allowing the options to be loaded from the JPEG file. Please be aware that the options are not retained if the file has been opened and saved by another program.


The Setup Options dialog can be opened and used from the render window toolbar. This method loads changes made to options from the render window.

Load Factory Defaults

Reset all Setup Options to their original values