Rendering Question - Multiple Reflections from Mirrors

I just noticed that IRender nXt doesn't seem to know what to do when you are looking at a mirror that points back to a mirror, which looks back to the original mirror. Follow me? Like going into a FunHouse at an amusement park. iRender renders the overlapping section as black.

Is there a setting to address this? eg something to do with reflective bounces? Seem to recall seeing a property like that somewhere.

By default, we only process 3 levels of multiple reflection. You need to change the setting for Reflective Bounces. Reflective bounces is on the Render options tab. (We didn't want to spend time processing reflective bounces which, normally, do dot usually impact the rendering.)

For mirrors you can often see 10 or more bounces. But for other partially reflective surfaces, such as wood or a floor, processing for than 3 bounces is usually a waste of processing time.

Objected reflected in mirrors with default setting of 3 reflective bounces

Objected reflected in mirrors with maximum setting of 16 reflective bounces

Reflective Bounces on Render Setup Tab

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