ProjectRender is a new Photorealistic Rendering programs for AutoCAD developed and marketed by ProjectMatrix - your source for Office Furniture design and specification software.

Providing customers a photo-quality rendering of their proposed furniture plan has always been a complicated endeavor. Rendering required CAD intensive experience and had a very high learning curve. Most dealers can produce a hidden line 3D or a shaded 3D drawing, but the vast majority of dealers had to pay contractors to produce the photo-quality renderings, costing hundreds of dollars.

ProjectMatrix introduces ProjectRender, the industry’s first affordable & easy to use high quality rendering tool. With ProjectRender, you can create photo-quality renderings in minutes, not hours or days. Simply select the desired 3D view in AutoCAD or ProjectWorkspace, apply the finishes & complete the render. It's really that easy! ProjectRender works with AutoCAD/ProjectSymbols & ProjectWorkspace; even our competitor's 3D drawings!

ProjectRender is packed with many powerful features. In addition to its ray-trace capabilities, you can create a room environment in seconds to show your proposed plan in an office setting. You can choose from several wall types, apply the colors or finishes & even add scenery through the windows. Choose from ProjectRender's great materials library or go online to download your favorite fabric, wallcovering, paint, carpet, or stone. You can also set the quality vs. speed of your renderings while setting up your render. While placing finishes, you can draft render for a quick view & select the highest level of ray trace for your final customer view. ProjectRender from ProjectMatrix... high quality rendering made easy!

  • Easy, PhotoRealitic renderings from AutoCAD models.
  • Preset and customized Rooms.
  • Lighting - ceiling lights and task lights.
  • Materials, Textures and colors to match layers.
  • Reflections and Highlights for a realistic rendering.
  • Skies and Backgrounds for Windows.
Feature Project Render Project Render Pro
PhotoRealistic Renderings X X
Lights and Materials X X
Preset and Custom Rooms X X
Animations X

Available for Download Soon!

Watch this site for more information about its capabilities and release.

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