NXt Image Editor

nXt Image Editor

Real Time Haze adjustment in nXt Image Editor

The nXt Image Editor is used for Post-Processing images after the rendering has been completed.

The nXt Image Editor is a special post-processing step for IRender nXt.

Using the nXt Image Editor, you can provide real time adjustments of:

  1. Brightness, Burn, and Saturation of the image
  2. Add real-time Haze effects
  3. Add real-time Depth Blur
  4. Adjust the intensity of lights with Lighting Channels
  5. Save ,EPX files for use with Piranesi
  6. Save .HDR or .EXR images for use a lighting or backgrounds.

Loading nXt Image Editor

  1. After your rendering is complete, click the "Save As" icon ( Revit save image button.png )
  2. Select .nXtImage as the Save As type at the bottom of the dialog.
  3. Enter a file name
  4. After the file is saved click Open File to load the nXt material editor.
    (If you are loading a nXt Image for the first time you may need to browse for nXtImageEditor.exe to help the Batch Renderer find it)

Real Time Haze

Real Time Haze applied to model.

Depth Blur

Real time adjustment of Depth Blur

Lighting Channels

Use of Lighting Channels to adjust the intensity of the left hand spotlight.

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