June 2019 Newsletter

Keywords: |Welcome to the June Render Plus Software Newsletter. In the news this month … New Print to 2D PDF Function!}}

New Print to 2D PDF Function!

Available now: We have introduced a new “2D PDF” option when saving a rendered image. You may already use one of the other formats offered – this is simply a further option you might find fits a need.

Benefit: One benefit of saving a 2D PDF version of a rendering is that the file size is small (and can be adjusted), and if you want to insert it in a document it will help keep your overall file size down. Large files can still cause problems when emailed, so as an alternative to zipping, you can ensure they are small from the outset.

Included with: This feature has been added to IRender nXt (SketchUp), 3D Design Studio (SketchUp), nXtRender (AutoCAD), and nXtRender (Revit).

How to access: Click the “Save rendered image to disk” icon Save icon.png in the rendering window once you have stopped rendering (if you are a nXtRender for AutoCAD user you will see a “Save As” dialog after clicking on the icon – select a directory/folder, type a file name, change the file type to PDF).

Click on the 2D PDF button at the bottom of the dialog.

2D PDF 1.png

On the resulting dialog (below), there are a range of options to help you configure the image.

Note: Checking the “Crop to Image” checkbox (below) will save a cropped version of your rendering. This is important as it will allow you to place the image in a document you create without having to further edit it.

2D PDF 2.png

Download the latest version to access this function ... If you purchased / renewed your extension license in the last 12 months, download and install the latest version. If your license is older than 12 months you will need to renew it after which you can download the latest version to access this new feature.

Kevin Neprud & Associates User Experience

We had an interesting interview with Kevin Neprud, an IRender nXt user. Kevin's design expertise includes both building and industrial design, and his fascinating amphibious vehicle and building exteriors caught our attention. He has used IRender nXt as he found it easy to learn and it produces high quality renderings.
KN 5.jpg

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Customer Quote of the Month

"Your program (IRender nXt) is very nice and our customers are always pleasantly surprised.” Fulvio, Italy

HDRi Background of the Month

This month we've chosen a background named Qwantani from HDRi Haven. It reminds us that summer is just around the corner for us! Qwantani.jpg

Submit now for our Rendering of the Month Competition!

Submit your latest renderings (5 or less) to our Rendering of the Month competition today! We like to see the results licensed users of our rendering software (IRender nXt, ArielVision, Allura, nXtRender) are able to achieve, and it doesn't matter if you're a rendering novice or an expert. The winner is announced by email and also posted to the Rendering of the Month page on our website.

2019 Apr RotM winner..jpg
April's Rendering of the Month Winner

How to upload: Click the +Add button to upload an image upload an image.

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