December 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the December Render Plus Software Newsletter. In the news this month … 2018 x 2

SketchUp 2018

We are being asked - Will my Render Plus Software program work with SketchUp 2018?

The short answer is YES, but you will need to download version 2018 of your Render Plus program and install, after you have installed SketchUp 2018.

Please read the following to determine if you will be able to download version 2018 of your Render Plus program (if you have questions please email Render Plus Support Email. Please include your license number).

  • If you purchased your Render Plus license over 12 months ago you will need to purchase a renewal in order to download and install the latest version to enable use with SketchUp 2018. Renew License
  • If you purchased or renewed your Render Plus license within the past 12 months you can download the latest version of the software at no charge. Download New Version
  • If you have a Render Plus subscription license you can download the latest version of the software at no charge whenever you choose to move to SketchUp 2018. Download New Version

Interested in SketchUp 2018's new features? Read about them here.

Which leads us to ...

Render Plus Software - 2018 Versions

We recently released the 2018 versions of the following Render Plus SketchUp extensions: IRender nXt / 3D Design Studio / ArielVision. New features in this new 2018 release include:

  • SketchUp 2018 Compatibility
  • Multi Scene Wizard: Select multiple scenes in your model and render in a batch
  • New Material Presets: 11 new material presets (now 20 total presets)
  • Other new features include Tube Lights, Light Balancer, Light Insertion, Make Bulb Invisible, Filter Material Selection, and Load Ground Plane Materials!
  • Learn more about all of the new version 2018 features, Read
  • Want a new feature / capability in the software? Submit to Render Plus Support Email

Download Allura or one of our other rendering solutions today and experience the ease of use and quality results!

Customer Quote of the Month

"I really enjoy using nXtRender (for AutoCAD)!” – Jessy, CA USA. Thanks, Jessy! Now tell us what you think! Email Render Plus Support Email or post to our Forum or the SketchUp Extension Warehouse.

What have you rendered recently?

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How to upload:
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