Camera Light Tab

Camera Light

Camera light tab.jpg

Creates a single component called "camera_light" which is automatically aligned to the current view camera when rendering.

Number of Bulbs - 1 to 4
Bulb offset - distance from the camera to the bulbs - horizontal and vertical
Bulb diameter - large bulbs create softer shadows
Beam Angle - This angle defines how wide the main, bright beam of light will be.
See: Beam and Field Angles
Field Angle - This angle defines a cone of softer light outside the main beam.
(Use 0 for the default of 180 degrees, unless you want a really tight light)
Make invisible when rendering - use this if you are having problems seeing the lights in reflections.
(They are usually not visible in the scene unless you have made them too big)
Use camera lights when rendering
The camera_light component will be aligned to the camera while rendering, and then hidden again after the rendering is complete.
Intensity - this value will be divided by the number of bulbs to determine the intensity of each bulb
Component placement mode' - this is ignored. A single instance is placed at the axis to you can see the component.
The component is hidden after you render the first time.
Scene rendered with 4-bulb Camera Light generated by IRender nXt
(Note: This image is a little extreme because there are no other lights. Normally you would use the camera lights to augment other lighting.

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