Simple SketchUp model rendered with no Antialiasing. Each of these examples shows the image at normal size on the left and blown up 2 to 1 on the right to demonstrate how Antialiasing is performed.
Same model exported with Anti-alias option.
Same model exported at 4X the desired resolution and then reduced in an image editing program.
Antialiasing option in SketchUp Export.

Antialiasing refers to the process of making edge lines look smoother by blending in the colors at the edges. SketchUp provides an option for anti-aliasing when saving a SketchUp model as a 2D image using " Export 2d Graphic ".

Tips and Tricks

  1. SketchUp anti-aliasing provides a slight improvement, but you will achieve a much better result if you save the image at 4X the desired size from SketchUp, and then use an image editing program to reduce its size and perform the anti-aliasing.
  2. To Create High Resolution images from SketchUp, use a rendering engine such as IRender nXt and choose the resolution desired. See SketchUp High Resolution Images .

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