Water Materials

Water Materials

A "rubble" bump map used to emulate water

can be used to give your material (with or without textures) a look and feel which emulates water.

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IRender nXt has some Procedural Bump Maps which work very well for water.

Adding bump maps to water will increase realism by adding ripples to the surface of the water. Review the images to the right for examples of bump maps

Here are some examples using Wrinkled or Rubble procedural maps.

Image of a pool with 'Wrinkled' bump map applied. Scale = 2.00 Strength = .50
Image of a pool with no bump map applied.

Bump Map Settings

The image above used a scale of 40 inches and an intensity of 0.20

These are examples of different settings of bump maps using the Wrinkled Procedural Bump Map to create a water effect. Notice how the sky and building are reflected in the water.
The larger scale would make more sense for larger bodies of water.

This image uses a scale of 200 and intensity of 0.50.

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