Rendering of the Month - July 2015

cave13 by Ivo vVordavov


Ivo was kind enough to share some of his thoughts with us:

Nice to hear and see that someone has liked a picture of mine :)

I have no company and am an absolute hobbyist.

In my renders, I use nothing special. Just a little playing with the material settings then I piush the path tracer Render button and that is all.

Just can't understand why there are so few render shots posted in your web site. Your engine is fantastic.

This was the first rendering engine I used - 6 years ago, then I tried others too, but I kept a special feeling to yours and I am always curious to see how a drawing of mine transforms when I select the Irender green button :) .

It is like an old Mustang you are keeping in the garage but you know it surpasses many of the new cars. It is not the speed - it is something else - that makes your render software different. Tip of the hat to you and Rich /suppose you are the creators :)/

The accurender site is full with brilliant renders, the engine is the same, so Irender Nxt site should also develop a good render showcase :). You know the good render catches the eye of the clients.

We liked this rendering because of the application of textures, reflections, and natural lighting make this a memorable rendering.

Notice, for example, that every modeled surface has an applied material and these materials are properly scaled, are textured appropriately, and the reflection on the floor is particularly convincing.

And the lighting from sunlight entering through the arched door is especially effective.

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