June 2009 Newsletter

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nXtRender released

We have created a new, low-cost, easy-to-use rendering add on for SketchUp - nXtRender

  • a new integrated, rendering engine for SketchUp:
(This is a 3D warehouse model. We added two ceiling lights and clicked render)


  • Lights and Reflections - everything you need for a good, basic rendering form a single right click.
  • Materials, Textures, Transparency and Colors - everything is read from the SketchUp model
  • nXtRender uses the same nXt Rendering Engine as our full-featured render - IRender nXt - to produce very high quality renderings with a very easy to use interface.

See: nXtRender for more information.


We have two new videos for you:

Getting Started with nXtRender
  • Assign reflection to materials
  • Assign illumination to materials
150px-Getting_Started_with_nXtRender.jpg Glass Transparency
  • Thin and Thick
  • Intensity, Refraction,
  • Caustics, etc.

Trial Versions

If you haven't tried IRender nXt yet, download a trial version from: Downloads Page

If you have already tried it out, but want to take another look, request a new 30-day trial from Support

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