February 2011 Newsletter


News from Render Plus

Combined Post Processing Functions for IRender nXt

After rendering your SketchUp model you can make easy improvements using our special Post Processing tools. We have combined all of our Post Processing Functions into one wizard. Use the FX Icon to bring it up.

The Tone Operator, Material Channels, Lighting Channels, Depth Blur, Haze and other features are all together in one place now.

If you haven't tried these Post Processing techniques yet - check them out.

The Brightness Control - this has always been there and is your most powerful tool.

The new Contrast Control - quickly adjust the contrast of the image.

Material Channels

these are new just this week, and let you change the colors of materials on the fly without having to re-render your model.

- Check out the Material Channels Video

Lighting Channels

these were new in Version 3.0, but now they are much easier to use. - Check out the Lighting Channels Video

Check out all these features : Post Processing

Try it out - Download and install IRender nXt: See: Downloads and Installation

New Reporting Features for SpaceDesign

We have added some great new features to SpaceDesign to make reporting on SketchUp models even better:

  • Custom Rows after the totals to calculate taxes, discounts, etc.
  • Calculation of Volumes using the SketchUp 8 Volume Calculator.
  • Containers which contain other components and are used for counting properly.

See what's new: SpaceDesign

Try it out : Download and install SpaceDesign: Downloads