Background Wizard Video

This Background Wizard Video Tutorial explains how to use the wizard to place backgrounds behind SketchUp models or rendered images.


The new Background Wizard, introduced in Version 4.0, make it easy to position your rendered model in a background, and to remember the settings for future renderings.

To invoke the new Background Wizard, Render your model, and then from the rendering window, select Preview/Position from the Background Tab.

  • Position Background
  • Skew and Perspective

See: Background Wizard

  • In this video Rich explains how to use the Background Wizard to align an image with a fence outside a window and adjust the perspective of the Image.

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IRender nXt is an easy to use, yet powerful plug-in for creating high-quality renderings from right inside SketchUp. It's the perfect tool for architects, interior designers and anyone else who needs stunning presentation images of their designs.

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Position HDRi.jpg Position HDRi Sky

  • Select HDRi
  • Position Image
  • Render with new image position
  • See: HDRi Setup Tab
IRender nXt Videos
IRender nXt Video.jpg IRender nXt Features

Reflections, Placing Lights, Lighting Presets, Bump Maps, Section Planes and Edge Lines.

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Glass transparency.JPG Fine Tuning Transparency

Realistic transparencies are easy to create in IRender nXt and can be fined tuned for great results. In this video tutorial we explain how transparency, refraction and intensity settings effect the transparent objects in your model. Fine tuning your transparencies adds that next level of realism to your designs

  • Thin and Thick
  • Intensity, Refraction,
  • Caustics, etc.
Button for edge lines vid.jpg Rendering with Edge Lines
  • Render the edge lines from your SketchUp model.
  • Edge lines, which are usually displayed in SketchUp, can add important detail to your renderings.
Lighting-channels-video.jpg Light Balancer

  • Adjust lights quickly after rendering
  • Adjust sun and sky illumination and shadows after rendering.
Material-channels-video.jpg Material Channels

  • Adjust colors and materials quickly after rendering
  • Adjust RGB values or illumination using slider bars
Realistic Water Effects.jpg Realistic Water Effects

In this video Rich explains how to make water in pools, lakes and rivers look realistic.

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