Render Settings

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There are three options for determining resolution: Viewport, Pixels, and Print. Viewport allows the user to set the number of total pixels. nXtRender's default setting of 300,000 pixels is often sufficient for proofs or images going to the web. 3,000,000 or more may be required for a final, printed image. Pixels allows the user to set resolution for both X and Y axes.

Depth of Field

This effect creates a depth of field blur that mimics a photographer's lens. A lens can only focus precisely at exactly one distance, but the decrease in sharpness is gradual around the focal distance, creating an area that is acceptably sharp. "Strength" controls the size of this area. A strength of zero means that the entire image is sharp. Increasing the strength makes the areas outside the focal distance more blurry and makes the area in focus smaller. "Focal Distance" sets the distance for the depth of field.

  • Use Plants - uncheck to suppress the rendering of Tree Editor plants
  • Use Materials - uncheck to render without nXtRender material textures or colors.
  • Use Object Colors - check to render AutoCAD materials using their AutoCAD colors.
This is only active it Use Materials is checked.
  • Passes - stop rendering after this many masses if not 0
  • Automatically Save Rendering Every - save a rendering after each XXX passes.
  • Browse - set path and file name for autosave file.

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