April 2022 Newsletter

Keywords: Welcome to the April Render Plus Software Newsletter. In the news this month … NEW IRender SU SketchUp extension, nXtRender for AutoCAD & nXtRender for Revit both 2023 compatible, and more!

Introducing our New SketchUp Rendering Extension: IRender SU

We are excited to announce the launch of our new SketchUp rendering extension, IRender SU. Give it a try today! Download a 30 day free trial. Check out the IRender SU videos on YouTube and read our IRender SU Case Study.

Slocombe 8.png

What's different? There are some significant improvements over IRender nXt including:

  • More Lights: IRender SU can handle a large number of lights, and these will start rendering immediately.
  • Unlimited Lighting Channels: IRender SU has unlimited lighting channels, which can be very useful especially for interiors (Note that the more you create/use channels the larger the rendering overhead (memory use)).
  • Faster: While all of our renderers use your computer’s CPU, the IRender SU engine loads and renders faster than IRender nXt/ArielVision. We are also using a denoiser, which speeds up image convergence.
  • High Resolution: The ability to do higher resolution images is much more feasible now than with IRender nXt/ArielVision.
  • Productivity. With IRender SU, you are more likely to be able to do other work on your computer with a rendering is in process.

If you have a license to one of our other extensions, contact us via the Render Plus Support Email if you are interested in switching to IRender SU. IRender SU is available as a subscription license only (monthly, quarterly, annual).

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nXtRender for AutoCAD and nXtRender for Revit: Now 2023 Compatible!

We are pleased to announce that our nXtRender for AutoCAD and nXtRender for Revit rendering plugins are 2023 compatible! If you purchased / renewed your nXtRender license in the last 12 months, download the latest version. If your license is older than 12 months you will need to renew it after which you can download the latest 2023 compatible version. Contact us via the Render Plus Support Email if you need help locating your license number.

Using multiple 3D design programs? If your company uses any combination of SketchUp, AutoCAD and or Revit, we offer a discounted license bundle to our rendering plugins for all of these platforms! If you have a Render Plus license to one of these platforms and would like to upgrade to our Multi-Platform license, contact us via Render Plus Support Email.

Customer Quote of the Month

"It (nXtRender for AuotCAD) is a great program, and a far sight quicker to setup than AutoCAD render" Bill, Canada

Reminder: Our Extensions are SketchUp 2022 Compatible

2022 Jan SketchUp 2022.png
All of our extensions are compatible with SketchUp 2022! If you have, or are planning on, upgrading to SketchUp 2022 and are an existing Render Plus license holder, you will need to renew/upgrade your license if it was purchased prior to January 2021. If you are an active license holder download the latest version of the software. Questions? Render Plus Support Email

Latest User Case Study - Creative Displays!

Checkout our latest case study! Read how Garrett Mier and Creative Displays navigated the pandemic and are coming out the other side (... and still producing great renderings with IRender nXt).

CD 3.jpg

HDRi Background of the Month

This month's HDRi background is ""Autumn Forest 04" from Poly Haven. Poly Haven provides free HDRi backgrounds.
Autumn Forest 04.png

Share a Recent Rendering!

If you're a licensed users of our rendering software (IRender nXt, IRender SU, ArielVision, nXtRender) submit your latest renderings (5 or less) for our Rendering of the Month competition today! The winner is announced by email and also posted to the Rendering of the Month page on our website.

2022 Feb RotM winner.jpg
February's Rendering of the Month Winner
Wieland by Garrett Mier

How to upload: Click the +Add button to upload an image.

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