Create Materials from Layer Names

Create materials from layer names.jpg

Create Materials from Layer Names is used to create new materials based on layer names, and to assign these new materials to all faces in those laters.

This is valuable after loading a DWG file which will have layer names on all of the faces imported from AutoCAD or Revit. By assigning materials to match these names, you can easily change these materials.

This function is available on the Render 2 Tab

  • Create new materials for all layers (except Layer0) - If this is checked, then new materials will be created to match all layers, except Layer 0. If it is not checked, then no new layers will be created, and only existing layers will be used. Only material names which match the layer names will be used.
  • Do not change existing, non default, material names - If this is checked, then only faces with no material set will be set to the material with the same name as the entity's layer,. If it is unchecked, then exiting materials will be overridden with the layer materials.
  • Process Layers and Create New Materials - click the button to process the layers and materials.

A report will be provided of new materials created and how many faces had their materials changed.

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