Save Model As Image

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Save Image32.png - Save Model As Image is a feature of SpaceDesign which lets you save images from your current model in several modes.

Save Model As Image can be used to:

  • Save alpha images of a object to be used to create face-me components or SketchUp Images
  • Save special image formats for use with Photoshop or other paint programs.
Some of these images are easy to save from within SketchUp by making the proper settings. SpaceDesign makes it easy to make the settings, save the image and restore the original settings all in one step.

Image Modes

Images may be stored with all geometry, or with only the lines, or only the faces.

This can be a valuable feature because you can save the face colors, modify them with filters in your paint program, and then superimpose the edge lines on top of the for the final image.

Image saved in Full mode - with faces and edge lines.
Image saved in Lines mode - no faces or materials.
Image saved in Face mode - no edge lines.

Alpha Transparency

You may also specify that an Alpha Channel should be stored in the image.

Images with an Alpha Channel will have the background transparent when places as images or face-me components in SketchUp, and may be easily pasted into paint programs with the background transparent.

Transparent background image saved in Full mode - transparent - pasted on top of another image with a Paint program.

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