Reset Rendering Options

Rendering Tip: When Exploring Setup Options Goes Wrong

Exploring Setup Options is a great way to develop rendering skills. But it is possible to set a combination of options that produces unexpected results. Don't panic! If your rendering looks like this:


Reset the Setup Options and render again to produce a rendering like this:


Setup Options - IRender nXt

From the toolbar, get the Setup Options - IRender nXt dialog


Display More options


Load Factory Defaults


More About Load Option Values from

  • User Defaults
If you have used Save Option Values, Save as User Defaults, recall the saved options at any time.
  • File
Save Option Values, Save to File let's you store and recall options by name. Save files for a specific model, scene, or type of rendering, then recall the options for use with your next rendering.
  • JPEG Image
Setup Options are stored in JPEG images written with IRender nXt. Recall options from saved images and render a new image.
Note: Render options are not retained when an IRender nXt JPEG image is modified by another program
  • Load factory defaults
Restore Setup Options from the original IRender nXt settings.
  • Change Default Settings
Set image size defaults for quick access to match your preferences for Sm., Med., Lg., and Hi-res.