Rendering Tip - Reuse Render Options

In this rendering tip we'll show you how to make a new rendering with the same render settings used in a previously completed rendering. It's easy to reuse render settings and even share render settings with other models.

Two models rendered using the same Setup Options

SingleFamily 2Story.jpg

Save Setup Options

There are a few ways that Setup Options can be saved and recalled. The first is available on the Setup Options dialog.


Setup Options - More

Save Options is available when you:

  1. Click More
  2. Click Expand to show advanced options
IR SaveOpts MoreSM PC28.jpg

Save to File

The file is saved to the user specified computer folder and file name.
IR SaveOpts SaveFile PC28.jpg


IRender nXt's JPEG files include Setup Options. Save a JPEG file even when you don't anticipate wanting to use render settings for future renderings, this will make it possible to reuse settings to make another rendering.

Click Save Rendering on the IRender nXt render window toolbar

IRtoolBar clickSvImg.jpg

Select the first JPEG option and save the rendering

IR svJPEGBg.jpg

Recall Setup Options

After Setup Options are saved they are easily recalled for use with any open model to make a rendering.

From File

To load Setup Options from a file:

  1. Click Setup Options on the toolbar
  2. Click More
  3. Click Load Option Values from - File
  4. Browse for the file and Click
  5. Click Open

From JPEG Image

To load Setup Options from a JPEG:

  1. Click Setup Options on the toolbar
  2. Click More
  3. Click Load Option Values from - JPEG Image
  4. Browse for the image and Click
  5. Click Open


Two models can be rendered with the same Setup Options:

SingleFamily 2Story.jpg


Setup Options can also help with presentations of design alternatives