Rendering Tip - IRender nXt Views

In this rendering tip we'll show you several ways to make renderings with the same camera settings used in a previously completed rendering. We'll share camera settings from one model to render another, and recall camera settings to create renderings for a design meeting with the client.

Two models rendered from the same vantage point:

SingleFamily 2Story.jpg

IRender nXt Views

IRender nXt views are similar to SketchUp scenes but a view is used to store and recall just the camera. IRender nXt Views are easily shared from one model to another, and for designers this is a very efficient way to create renderings from the same vantage point.

Save IRender nXt View

Click View Wizard on the IRender nXt toolbar

IRtoolbar clickView.jpg

Click Save Current View


Enter a name for the view and Click OK


IRender nXT views are automatically stored in folders that match model names, making them easy to find and use.

Save the View with IRender nXt JPEG

IRender nXt's JPEG files include the view settings. You may want to save a JPEG file even when you don't anticipate reusing the view for future renderings.


Click Save Rendering on the IRender nXt render window toolbar

IRtoolBar clickSvImg.jpg

Select the first JPEG option and save the rendering

IR svJPEGBg.jpg

Restore View

Camera settings can be recalled from SketchUp Scenes, IRender nXt View files, and IRender nXt JPEG files.

Load a View File

Click View Wizard on the toolbar

IRtoolbar clickView.jpg

Select and load a view:

  1. Click on a folder when the view is from another model.
  2. Click the view to load
  3. Click Apply

From JPEG Image

Click View Wizard on the toolbar

IRtoolbar clickView.jpg

Browse for the image and load view:

  1. Click Browse for Image
  2. Select Image
  3. Click Open
  4. Click Apply


Views can be used to make renderings from the same vantage point, even renderings of different models. Here's the first model proposed for 328 Grace Street:

SingleFamily 2Story.jpg

A second model rendered from the same vantage point after loading an IRender nXt view:


Design options are easier for a client to evaluate when the presentation renderings are from the same view. The same house is shown with an entirely different exterior finish: