Rendering Question - Reduce the amount of Aliasing at edges


Angled lines between two materials can produce a jagged effect. By using anti-aliasing, IRender nXt reduces the amount of this effect.

If you want to increase the amount of anti-aliasing, you can render at a higher resolution, and then resize and resample the image in a paint program to the desired resolution (of course, it will take more time to render at the higher resolution).

Here is a scene rendered for 10 passes, at full rendered resolution (600 pixels)


By zooming in or an area of the scene, you can see the anti-aliasing being performed - although there is still a jagged effect: (Zooming in with a paint program magnifies the effect of the anti-aliasing)


If you want to increase the anti-aliasing, you can render at 2X or 4X the resolution (which will take 4 or 16 times longer), then reduce and resample the image to the desired resolution. This will add additional anti-aliasing during the resampling process.

Here is the same scene rendered at 1,200 pixel resolution and then reduced to 600 pixels:


And here is a zoomed area on this image, to show the improved anti-aliasing: