November 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the November Render Plus Software Newsletter. In the news this month … Location, Location, Location ...

Location, Location, Location ...

A well positioned HDRi background can make the difference between a good or great rendering.

First, a quick introduction to HDRi backgrounds. You can use any image (jpeg, png, etc.) as a simple background to your model for skies or other purposes, or you could use an HDRi sky. HDRi skies include images of backgrounds, such as skies, trees, sunsets and buildings, that produce accurate and realistic illumination information about the intensity and color of light (ranging from direct sunlight to shadows) based on the imagery chosen.

One of the benefits of HDRi skies is that the image is in the shape of a dome, providing a full 360-degree background. This means that no matter what angle you are viewing your scene from, there will always be a high-quality background image. With our software you can select an HDRi image and then adjust to create the presentation and effect you want. For example, you can easily turn the image to generate different shadows and reflections without adjusting the model. You can also easily adjust the contrast, while still maintaining details in the bright and dark areas.

This HDRi image provides a background as well as the correct illumination, shadows and full 360-degree reflections

Airstream with HDRi sky.jpg

In order for an HDRi sky to be used as a background, it either needs to be a high-resolution image or you need to use a very large Field Of View. Most free HDRi skies are not high-resolution images. Search the Internet for “HDRi sky downloads” (or use similar keywords) to find additional resources to use in your renderings.

Positioning an HDRi Sky in an Exterior Scene VIDEO LINK (enhancements to the software have been introduced since this video was made)

Have you tried SpaceDesign from Render Plus Software?

SpaceDesign is a SketchUp extension used for defining attributes and creating reports from SketchUp components. You can:

  • Report on Dynamic Component attributes.
  • Add your own attributes and report on them.
  • Combine and count components with similar attributes.
  • Extend cost and other fields (multiply by quantity).
  • Total extended cost and other fields.

Download and try SpaceDesign free for 30-days!

Customer Quote of the Month

"Although I'm still on a learning curve I was able to quickly produce some high-quality photorealistic renderings in a short amount of time” – Joseph, PA USA. Thanks, Joseph! Do you have something to say about our software, whether it be a compliment or suggestion to enhance one of our products? You can email Render Plus Support Email, post to our Forum or the SketchUp Extension Warehouse.

What have you rendered recently?

Upload a rendering you have created in a Render Plus product for consideration for our November Rendering of the Month. You can view past winners and runners-up on our Gallery.

How to upload: From the From the Gallery, select the 'Add Images' tab on the right end of the menu bar and then click the button to upload an image. You may submit a maximum of 5 images for consideration. Don't delay, submit a rendering now!