March 2021 Newsletter

Keywords: |Welcome to the March Render Plus Software Newsletter. In the news this month … New Panel Sconce Light, HDRi, and case study of Peterson Architecture!}}

New Render Ready Panel Sconce Light!

Try our new render-ready Panel Sconce Light".  We've added it to the SketchUp 3D Warehouse, and it's also automatically available through our IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio, and ArielVision SketchUp renderers.

RR 2021 Feb Panel Sconce Light.JPEG

RR 2021 Feb Panel Sonce Rendering.png

New User Case Study - Peterson Architecture!!

Checkout our latest case study featuring Bob McGill of Peterson Architecture in Noblesville, Indiana.  Bob uses our IRender nXt SketchUp extension enabling him to generate the high quality renderings he needs to meet client expectations.
PA 8.png

Customer Quote of the Month

"The IRender Batch Render option came in handy for this, because I was able to render out multiple views overnight, which allowed me to save time and budget on the project. " - Dan, Canada

HDRi Background of the Month

This month's HDRi background is "Suburban Field 01" from HDRi Haven.  HDRi Haven provides free HDRi backgrounds.
2021 Mar suburban field 01.jpg

We Love it when you Share a Recent Rendering!!

If you're a licensed users of our rendering software (IRender nXt, ArielVision, nXtRender) submit your latest renderings (5 or less) for our Rendering of the Month competition today!  The winner is announced by email and also posted to the Rendering of the Month page on our website.

2021 Jan RotM winner.jpg
January's Rendering of the Month Winner
MC lot 469 Crow Eye View by Duke Pitteroff

How to upload: Click the +Add button to upload an image.

SketchUp 2021 Compatibility

All of our extensions are compatible with SketchUp 2021 (they work with all versions of SketchUp from 8 through 2021), so if you've upgraded or plan to upgrade please visit our website to determine your Render Plus license status as you may need to upgrade that also. 

If you're not sure about the status of your license or have questions, email us Render Plus Support Email

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