March 2016 Newsletter

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Rendering of the Month

Fachada Comercial (Padaria) by Gianfranco Ribeiro


This rendering demonstrates that a beautiful rendering is very dependent on a nicely detailed model that is well lit and properly staged. When you scrutinize this rendering it is clear that it is very detailed, the lighting is natural, and the staging (scene) is convincing. When attention to detail is part of the model building process, great renderings come more easily. You can review more of Señor Ribeiro's very impressive renderings in the Render Plus Gallery
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IRender nXt FAQ: Can I pause a rendering?

It is possible to pause a rendering. Here's how Pause

NEW! Samples, Tutorials and More

IRender nXt Toolbars and Sample Models dialog has been enhanced to include Rendering Tips, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and a link to Videos. We want to help you become a rendering expert by providing additional support resources accessible directly from IRender nXt.


  • Tutorials - We're adding new tutorials to help you discover, explore, and master IRender nXt features.
  • Samples - Our sample Models make it easy for even novice SketchUp modelers to develop rendering skills.
  • Rendering_Tips - We gather tips from everywhere and share them to help you make better renderings and improve workflow.
  • Videos - Our video library includes tutorials, tips, and explanations of rendering features, all of which are recorded to help you create renderings of your models that exceed your expectations, impress your clients, and help you win more projects.
  • FAQ - A growing list of questions we've been asked that we are certain you'll find helpful.



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