February 2016 Newsletter

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Rendering of the Month

Cafe, by Edgar Lopez


Edgar Lopez has shared several renderings on the Render Plus Gallery. A self proclaimed hobbyist, Edgar created this model to explore lighting and lighting channels.
We encourage you to share your renderings, it's easy to upload them to our Gallery

Rendering Lingo

Indirect Lighting - not directly caused by a light source (lamp), but resulting from light reflecting or bouncing from illuminated surfaces.
See an Example: Cove Lighting

Bump Map - A rendering technique that creates the illusion of depth on the surface using lighting and governed by the selected pattern.
See: Bump Maps

Adjustments and Filters

Tone operator button.png Start the Adjustments and Filters Wizard from the render window toolbar, and modify the rendering:

  • While the rendering is processing
  • Immediately after a rendering is finished
  • At any time when you save a native nXt image (*.nXtImage)


Modify brightness, contrast and other settings at any time, even while your rendering is processing!

See: Adjustments and Filters



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