5 Things to Help You Get Started with IRender nXt

Here are 5 things we think will help you become an IRender nXt expert quickly.

Hover the mouse pointer over IRender nXt menus

Hover the mouse pointer over any User Interface (UI) item to display a brief description of the software feature.


Explore Presets

Whenever you encounter Presets, explore these efficient options. The advantage is that with one click a group of related settings are adjusted. Even advanced IRender nXt users find that presets are an efficient and friendly way to produce presentation renderings.

Render Setup Options - Presets Tab


Make any Material Reflective, Transparent, Transluscent, and more

Right-Click on any assigned material in the SketchUp Model. Then select "IRender nXt -> Edit Material..." from the menu. The Edit Material dialog includes a Presets tab, a fast way to set several material attributes with one click.

IR EditMaterial.jpg

Add Light Fixtures

Render Ready Components includes exterior and interior lighting for residential and commercial projects. Select one, add it to your model, and render!


Whenever You Have Questions

We want to help you become an expert with IRender nXt. If you have any questions about rendering and IRender nXt features, post them on the IRender nXt Forum. In addition to the Render Plus staff there are lots of talented IRender nXt users who will be happy to answer your questions and share their experiences.