3D Design Studio

Comprehensive package of plugins and add-ons for SketchUp to provide the tools you need for creation of 3D scenes, SketchUp Renderings, reporting and client presentations.

We have combined all of our SketchUp extensions and add-ons into a single package - the 3D Design Studio.

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Get everything you need to enhance your creation, presentation and reporting of 3D layouts - all in a single package.

The 3D Design Studio includes:

  • IRender nXt - Photorealistic renderings using our popular rendering engine.
  • RpTools - Tools for placement and editing of components, and other objects, into your 3D model.
  • SpaceDesign - Attributes and Custom Reports on items placed in your 3D model.
  • RPS 3D PDF - Interactive 3D PDFs for viewing your model on your website and PDF files.

If you are creating 3D models - Buildings, Landscapes, 3D structures, Products for sale, etc., - then the 3D Design Studio has the tools you need to work productively and to present your designs to your clients.

Getting Started


..why didn't I see this before?

..why didn't I see this before? Sigh... Just bought the new Vray, which is giving me endless trouble. Because I can t(yet?) render with that, I downloaded the IRender demo. It's excellent! Beautiful results, absolutely on a par with Vray; far more intuitive interface; and some nice environment options too. It renders a big model that makes Vray crash without a glitch, and pretty fast at that. So much for impulse buying. I'm seriously considering getting this anyway. Congratulation to you and your team Al!
Martin PH (on SketchUcation Forum)


3D Tools


For placement and editing of components and other objects into your 3D model.

For more details, see RpTools and Component Wizards

(If you would like these tools without purchasing the full 3D Design Studio, check out RpTools )

  • Place Material-icon.jpg - Place Material - Place materials on surfaces.
  • Material styles.png - Material Styles - save and reload all material settings.
  • Select-icon.png - Select and Place Component - Select SketchUp components from an Explorer like list.
  • Move-icon.png - Move Wizard - move a component (or any selected entities) along an axis.
  • Copy-icon.png - Copy Wizard - copy a component (or any selected entities) along an axis.
  • Mirror-icon.png - Mirror Wizard - mirror a component (or any selected entities) along an axis.
  • Rotate-icon.png - Rotate Wizard - rotate a component (or any selected entities) around an axis.
  • Stretch-icon.png - Stretch Wizard - stretch a component (or any selected entities) along an axis.
  • Aim-icon.png - Aim component - align a component's axis to point at something else in the model.
  • Alpha-icon.png - Alpha Channel - Adds an image with transparent areas.
  • Bt proxy24.PNG - Proxy Components - Create low poly components to speed up your SketchUp model.
  • Bottle-icon.jpg - Shapes - Wizards to create standard 3D objects.

For more details, see RpTools .

Photorealistic SketchUp Renderings

3D Design Studio uses our IRender nXt rendering engine.

For more details, see Photorealistic Renderings .

(If you would like Photorealistic Rendering without purchasing the full 3D Design Studio, check out IRender nXt or ArielVision )

The only sketchup renderer.gif

Quick and Easy to use
Whether designing for work or fun, IRender nXt's seamless integration into SketchUp makes it quick and easy to create photo-realistic SketchUp Renderings that show your designs at their best.

Image by Gary Giacci

Time-Saving Features
IRender nXt optimizes your design-time by saving your settings together with the 3D model and allowing post-render processing. Update your design and recreate your SketchUp Rendering, without starting over again.

Image by Mark Bauer

Great Results
With IRender nXt you can create great results. Save time with an efficient workflow that makes changes easy. Create stunning images that wow your client and help you win business.

Image by Nick Norman

For more details, see Photorealistic Renderings .

SpaceDesign: Attributes and Custom Reports

Attributes and Custom Reports on items in your 3D model.

For more details, see Attributes and Reports .

(If you would like Attributes and Reports without purchasing the full 3D Design Studio, check out SpaceDesign )

Attributes and Reporting.jpg

What is it?

Attributes, Reports, Calculations and Information extracted from your SketchUp model.

Who should use it?

3D Component Makers, Ruby Developers and SketchUp Model Makers.

Powerful customization of attributes, calculations, reports, etc.

How to use it?

Include Attributes in your Components and Groups for reporting.

  • Report on Dynamic Component attributes.
  • Add your own attributes and report on them.
  • Combine and count components with similar attributes.
  • Extend cost and other fields (multiply by quantity).
  • Total extended cost and other fields.

For more details, see Attributes and Custom Reports .

Interactive 3D PDFs

For viewing your model on your website and PDF files.

Take your SketchUp models and turn them into interactive 3D PDF files which you can then post on a web page, or send to clients and which can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Export 3D geometry, with colors and textures, into an Interactive 3D frame in the Adobe PDF file. Add titles, notes and comments to the PDF document easily using the 3D PDF Wizard.

  • Post to web site or email to clients
  • Clients can view your model but cannot borrow or change it.
  • Simple wizard to combine text and background images with your model

For more details, see Interactive 3D PDFs

(If you would like Interactive 3D PDFs without purchasing the full 3D Design Studio, check out RPS 3D PDF )

3D PDF viewed in Internet Explorer
The user can spin and rotate the model in real time.<br.

3d pdf in IE.jpg

Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Soft Shadows from 3D Design Studio

Non-PhotoRealistic Tools are used to help create Non-PhotoRealistic materials, renderings and other features for use in conceptual or formal renderings.

Similar to soft shadows, but applies a texture pattern to the model to be used to draw the shadows.
Lets you create your own sketchy textures to be used with SketchUp or Sketchy Shadows.
Saves an image of your model with colored, transparent or softer edges.
Special colors and styles to achieve a crayon look.
Saves special images - such as edges only or shadows only which you can combine in Photoshop or another paint program for special effects.
This also has a valuable feature which will make any image or pattern tileable or repeatable for use as a SketchUp material.

For more details, see Non-PhotoRealistic Tools

Download and Purchase

The 3D Design Studio Single Download will be available soon.

For now, you should download the individual components here: Downloads


  • IRender nXt
  • RPS 3D PDF
  • SpaceDesign
  • RpTools

Purchase the 3D Design Studio here: 3D Design Studio Purchase