ArielVision Seamless Integration

Ease of Use Features

Fully integrated into SketchUp

IRender nXt Toolbar in SketchUp

This means that the IRender settings are stored in the SketchUp model, so you do not have to make changes if you reload the model, or for subsequent renderings of the same model.

Rendering settings and rendering functions are all available from a SketchUp toolbar.

Lighting Presets

The Presets lets you choose predefined settings for the most common lighting situations.

There are a lot of settings to create special lighting effects. The presets make it easier to get a good rendering without having to make all the setting manually.

Standard Presets

Indirect Lighting

Incorporate the effects of reflected light, such as the reflected cove lighting above this suspended ceiling.

Indirect Lighting refers to the IRender nXt feature of processing light reflected from mirrors and other surfaces.

This creates a realistic lighting effect which improves with each successive rendering pass. Indirect should be used with most interiors scenes to soften the lighting effects.

Auto Reflection

Auto Reflection wizard

Auto Reflection makes materials reflective by using a matching word pattern method in the material name. The reflection values for intensity, sharpness, index of refraction, and bump are preset, so reflection values for materials do not have to be individually set.

For example, you can specify that all material names that match the pattern "steel" will be 90% reflective and metallic.

Any assigned materials with names that match the list of patterns, and for which you have not already set specific reflection values, will render with the preset reflection values from Auto Reflection.

(If you do set reflection values for an assigned material, your settings will override the Auto Material settings.)

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration between ArielVision and SketchUp

The ArielVision plugin runs inside of Google SketchUp, making it easy to create and visualize renderings using already familiar functions.


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ArielVision Features

  • Seamless Integration