Allura GPU for SketchUp

(For use with SketchUp for Windows only)

You will produce high quality 3D renderings in less time.  Download your 30-day trial now!

  • Easy to learn, so you will be creating your first renderings in less than an hour
  • Create fast photorealistic images, since it uses both your NVIDIA video card and computer processor
  • Quick one click presets to save you time
  • Animation – You can simply create animations for your presentations or the web (Plus Version)
  • Advanced Material Editor – You can easy customize the materials and even save for later use (Plus Version)

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Allura Plus/Allura - GPU powered by NVIDIA - Version: SD25 Forum --- Information

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Allura Material Libraries


Allura supports more than 500 pre-defined materials which you can use with Allura.

Click here to download the Allura Material Libraries