What-s new - June 2007


We have been busy adding features and making improvements to all of the Render Plus add-on products for SketchUp :

We have merged our Space Design product and our Construction Documentation product into a single, new product called RpTools [ and we have released our Component reporting product, RpReports . Read more on these and other products below.

Announcing two new add-ons for SketchUp:

  • RpTools - Component manipulation, and 2D plot add-ons.
  • RpReports - Component attributes and reports.

And the latest on the other Render Plus add-ons.

  • IRender - fully integrated, Ray Trace rendering solution for SketchUp.
  • RPS 3D PDF - Interactive 3D PDF documents for Adobe Reader.




RpTools has added two new tools:



Polyline icon.png - Polyline - draws a polyline with pen width and color.

See: Polyline

Alpha Channel


Alpha-icon.png - Alpha Channel - adds an alpha channel to a raster image, (to defined parts of the image which are transparent).

See: Alpha_Channel



RpReports - released for testing and evaluation


RpReports is a customized plugin for SketchUp which lets you create your own applications with customized attributes, predefined attributes for components, and reports. Define custom attributes for project Define preset attributes for components. Specify totals and sub-totals and other report customization.

See: RpReports


IRender Main.jpg

IRender, (and IRender Plus), now have a better and faster extraction routine. It uses about 30% less RAM for large models, so should be able to handle larger models of about 20 megabytes, rather than our current limit of about 15 megabytes.

IRender is faster during extract, but should not be any faster during rendering - except that by using less RAM it is less likely to start swapping out RAM during the download and rendering process. (Which would really slow things down.)

Download the latest version from: Downloads Page to test the new version.

For more information on IRender and IRender Plus, See: IRender


The latest version, F05p, works better for clients who do not have administrative permission on their machines.


All Products

  • When reinstalling products, you now get a reinstall option, rather then the older, very confusing, modify/repair choices.
  • For more information about the products, visit the RPS Wiki: Main_Page
  • For questions and support, visit the RPS Forum: RPS Forum
  • For the latest versions of any Render Plus product, visit: Downloads Page
  • Let us know what features you would like to see, any comments you have about the products, etc.

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