Water Effects Sample Model

This Water Effects Sample Model was provided by Boothy as a sample for new IRender nXt users.

Download the model from the 3D Warehouse

Model rendered with IRender nXt for 5 passes. Rendering time about 10 minute hours.
Ripples created with Procedural Bump Maps.

Water Features

Water Features can be used to give your material (with or without textures) a look and feel which emulates water.

This short 10 second video demonstrates the advantages of using Water Features.

This longer 90 second video shows how to define Water Effects in your SketchUp model.

Water Features Overview

Water tutorial.jpg

Watch Video TqJLNXbU07o

Short sample of Water Feature effects

Water Features Tutorial

Water overview.jpg

Watch Video EKfHndQ0k-Y

How to add ripples and other effects to water.

Procedural Bump Maps

Water bump maps.jpg

For any material, (not just water), you can apply special Procedural Bump Maps for special effects.

For water these bump maps provide distortion, reflection and highlighting which produce a very realistic water effect.

You can play around with different bump maps, or combinations of bump maps, and also parameters such as scale and strength to fine tune the desired effect.

Marbled Bump Map

For this first image we used the Marbled Bump Map, with a scale of 9.00 and a strength of 0.300:

Marbled Bump Map - Scale 9.00 Strength 0.30

You can get a broader, (larger ripples), effect by increasing the Scale. Here I increased the Scale to 18.00:

Marbled Bump Map - Scale 18.00 Strength 0.31

Wrinkled Bump Map

He I switched to a different Bump Map - Wrinkled.

Wrinkled Bump Map - Scale 4.00 Strength 0.50

And this time I increased the Strength, rather than the scale:

Wrinkled Bump Map - Scale 4.00 Strength 0.90

Multiple Bump Maps

I combined both Wrinkled and Marbled for an even more complex effect:

Marbled Bump Map - Scale 9.00 Strength 0.30 and Wrinkled Bump Map - Scale 4.00 Strength 0.30

Light Balancer

the Light Balancer can be used well with water - especially for underwater lights.

This first scene is mostly illuminated by the Sun and Sky (Light channels are all at default 1.0)

Default Lighting Channel Settings

Here I used the Light Balancer, to turn off the sun and sky, and used default values for the ceiling lights and the underwater spot light.

Sun and Sky turned off.

And finally I lowered the ceiling lights and increased the underwater lights for a more stunning effect.

Ceiling lights at 0.01 and Underwater light at 2.00

Hybrid Engine

IRender nxt contains 3 different rendering engines - Packet Mode', Path Tracer and the Hybrid Engine.

This is a rendering of the water, with under water lights, create with the Hybrid Engine - 625 passes and 9 hours of renderings time to allow the image to 'cook'.

Sample water-w-lights-4-625.jpg

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