SpaceDesign Number Formatting

SpaceDesign Number Formatting - more information on formatting

Available Formats:

  • Text - value is treated as text.
  • Numeric - value is numeric - no units conversions are performed. You may specify the number of decimal places desired.
  • Database - value is edited and displayed in the current SketchUp units and format.
  • Currency - value is edited and displayed based on your Windows international settings.

Database Formatting

Sketchup units.jpg

Database values are edited and displayed in the current SketchUp units and format.

The values are stored internally as inches, so you can change units and/or your clients can use your components with other units settings.

Currency Formatting

Currency Formatting is determined by the Windows Region and Language Settings.

Windows currency settings.jpg

Advanced Techniques

  • Calculations - setting attribute values based on size of components, or other attributes.
  • Area - report on the area of a face in a component.
  • Length - report on the length or curves or edge lines in a component.
  • Hyperlink Attributes - attributes containing a WEB URL which will link to that URL from the PDF
  • ‎Number Formatting - Database and Currency formatting
  • List Attributes - creating a list of attributes and settings.
  • Filtering - filtering which attributes to include in report.
  • Select Entities by Attribute - search for words, phrases or patterns in attributes.
  • Auto Generate Attributes - define and edit attributes in an excel spread sheet.

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