September 2008 Newsletter

September 2008 Render Plus Newsletter

IRender nXt versions

There are two versions of IRender using the new nXt rendering engine:

  • IRender nXt - the full feature, professional version, and
  • IRender Lite - a basic version with lights, reflections.
See: IRender Feature Comparison chart for a comparison of the two products.

New IRender nXt Features

IRender nXt has added several new features:


Rendering with a sky background.

Place a Background image behind your model.

See: Background Image .

Also, you can save the rendering with a transparent background, and paste it over a background with a paint program.

See: IRender Alpha Images .

Object Properties

Light and Object Properties.jpg

Object Properties are properties placed directly on SketchUp entities, using IRender to specify rendering properties of the entities.

See: Object Properties .

Trial Version

If you haven't tried IRender nXt yet, download a trial version from: Downloads Page

If you have already tried it out, but want to take another look, request a new 30-day trial from Render Plus Support Email