RpTreeMaker Free - New Version

Here is what is in the New Version of RpTreeMaker Free .

Next Version (not released yet)

OI28 - September 28, 2015

  • Added the new Top View option

MH27 - August 27, 2014

  • Uploaded a new version which works with SketchUp 2014
  • New Plant Type Ornamental Grass was added

KD18 - April 18, 2011

Jan 9, 2009

  • Added ability to set the camera height as a percentage of the tree height.
  • Added shadow masks so trees cast realistic shadows in SketchUp
  • Used faces so trees render more easily in Podium
  • (Of course the trees render easily, and better, with IRender )

Dec 12, 2008

  • Fixed a problem where SketchUp was using machine resources while waiting for the Tree Maker.
  • Added ability to rotate the tree
  • Added a higher resolution
  • Added the ability to re-render after changing the resolution or rotation, before saving the image.
  • Fixed problem with not processing bent and angled trees


  • Clips the roots at the ground - right now we make an image which includes roots below the ground. That is useful sometimes, but much too confusing.
  • Creates the image (and component) so that the center of the bottom of the trunk is at the center of the image (and component)

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