Rendering of the Month - September 2015

Tuscan Home by Edgar Lopez

Tuscan Home.jpg

Edgar was kind enough to share some of his thoughts with us:

First of all I would like to thank the Render Plus team, I feel honored!

I'm a custom home designer and builder, I do not do renderings for a living but I have a passion for it.

This rendering was done just for fun and to perfectionate my skills.

I took the actual model from 3D Warehouse and modified it after doing research on Tuscan architecture. A lot of time and dedication went into this model. Started off as something to do on my spare time and turned into something very special.

I put extra emphasis into lighting, textures and materials. Wanted to give it an old rustic look and maintain the characteristics of a traditional Tuscan home.

The outcome is simply amazing! I feel very proud of this rendering.

Been using IRender nXt for 6 years and I still learn new things every time I use it. I've found your software to be the best and the easiest to use. Thank you so much.

We liked this rendering because it is a spectacular image. We were very impressed with the attention to detail, which contributes in an important way to the realism Edgar has achieved.

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