Render Plus Software - 2018 Version Release

IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio and ArielVision 2018 Features for SketchUp Rendering

Render Plus Software announces the release of IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio and ArielVision 2018 for SketchUp

IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio and ArielVision are powerful plugin's for rendering high-resolution images inside SketchUp. IRender nXt is fully-integrated with SketchUp materials, lighting, and components for complete control of interior, exterior, daytime or night-time scenes.

IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio and ArielVision 2018 make it easier for designers to build render-ready SketchUp models and quickly and easily fine-tune render settings by providing light sources, reflective properties, translucency, refraction and other rendering features.

Version 2018 is focused on improving the rendering workflow with easy to use render setting controls. IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio and ArielVision 2018 have been developed to help you make great renderings faster!

General Enhancements

  • Support for SketchUp 2018

Rendering Process Improvements

  • Added the ability to select multiple scenes and configuration for each, and then render as a batch

Enhanced Lighting Selection and Placement

  • Added new Tube light type and Render Ready tube light fixture
  • Improved the new Light Balancer dialog features
  • Added Load and Save styles to the Light Balancer dialog
  • Added the ability to double click a light in the Render Ready dialog and simply drop it into a model
  • Added the "Make the bulb invisible when rendering" feature to the Ceiling Lamp tab dialog but still have the lighting and reflection from the bulb visible in your rendering

Material Placement Enhancements

  • Added filters to the Place Materials dialog to make finding types of materials easier, such as only showing illuminated materials
  • Added the ability to load materials to the Ground Plane from SketchUp, the nXt Library, or disk
  • Added 11 new Material Presets for a total of 20

Version 2018 Highlights

--- New 2018 Features and Improvements ---

SketchUp 2018 We support SketchUp 2018.

Sketchup 2018.jpg

SketchUp 2018 compatibility:

  • ArielVision, IRender nXt, or 3D Design Studio - You need version 7 or 2018
  • Allura GPU - current version


Multi Scene Wizard
  • IRender nXt
  • 3D Design Studio
  • ArielVision
Now you can select multiple scenes in your SketchUp model to render in a batch, instead of having to start each rendering individually. This way you can select multiple scenes and render overnight and have them all rendered and saved into image files when you come into the office in the morning. In IRender nXt and 3D Design Studio you can configure and manage all rending setup values, such as, rendered image size, light settings and rendered passes for each scene.

New menu item to open the Multi Scene Wizard


Scene Selection and setup dialog


See: Multi Scene Wizard

Tube Lights
  • IRender nXt
  • 3D Design Studio
  • ArielVision
Now you can add tube lighting to your models. You can adjust the size and color of the tube light through the setting dialog. We have also add a light fixture with tube lighting into the lighting library to make it easy to add florescent lighting to your model.



Light Balancer
  • IRender nXt
  • 3D Design Studio
Now you can setup your scene lighting and save and load multiple configurations to easily set scenes even if you need to go back and change something in the model.

Lighting channels.jpg


Light Insertion
  • IRender nXt
  • 3D Design Studio
  • ArielVision
Now you can simply double-click on a Render Ready light and then place it in your model.

IRender Ready Wizard.jpg

See: IRender Ready

Make Bulb Invisible
  • IRender nXt
  • 3D Design Studio
  • ArielVision
You can now select to make a light bulb invisible, but have all the lighting and reflections from that light source visible. This supports some pretty creative lighting techniques for designers and artists to create just the right effect in their rendering.


See: Ceiling Light Tab

Filter Material Selection
  • IRender nXt
  • 3D Design Studio
  • ArielVision
Quickly find materials by filtering on the name or attribute. You can filter by Edited, Illuminated, Reflective, Self Glow or Transparent.


See: Place Material

Load Ground Plane Materials
  • IRender nXt
  • 3D Design Studio
Now you can load a material to the ground plane. This is a great way to quickly add grass, rocks, water or other landscaping material to your model. You can also adjust the materials color, texture, etc just like any other material to create the effects you want.

Turn on the grownd plane and then you can place materials and adjust material properties.


Select a material from all of the available materials.


See: Ground Plane

Material WizardExpand from 9 to 20 Material Presets
  • IRender nXt
  • 3D Design Studio
Upgraded from 9 material reflection presets to 20. This enhancement makes it even easier to quickly adjust the material to look like plastic, wood varish, to water. You can use the preset directly or as a starting point and fine tune the settings to create the presentation you want.


See: Material Wizard