Render Farm Monitor

The Render Farm Monitor is used to track the status of the Render Farm , and to display and process images rendered from the farm.

Job Status

Render farm Job Status.jpg

The Job Status Window shows that status of jobs which have been submitted to the Render Farm.

You can click the title of any column to sort by that column - Sort By Job Name, Date or Status.


The check boxes under Show allow you to filter out Job Statuses which you do not want to see.

For instance, you can view only Active Jobs, or view only Completed jobs.

Configure Machines - loads a list of machines which are being used to process the Render Farm and their current status.


Click and job and click Display to load and display the rendering, or partial rendering for that job.

You can also right click on a job to display its rendering.

See: Display Rendering below.

Render Farm Machines

Render Farm Machines.jpg

Displays the machines being used for the Render Farm, and what tasks each machine is working on.

Right click on any machine to Suspend it or Resume it.

Display Rendering

Partial Render Farm Display - 2/3rds complete
Post Processing Wizard

If a rendering is still being processed, then the display will show the portions already completed. When the rendering is done, then complete image will be displayed.

The icons at the top of the window can be used to Post Process the image or to save the image as a .PNG or .JPG file (and several other formats.)

Fequently Asked Questions

  • I am not seeing the farm icon in my toolbar. It is ticked in the toolbar config area and I have the farm software installed. What else do I need to do?
Have you installed the Render Farm on the machine where you are running SketchUp.
Even if the machine running SketchUp is not gong to be used as an active farm, the farm needs to be installed.

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