Render Farm FAQ

Render Farm FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Some of my machines are 32bit and 64 bit so I presume I will have to download both versions?

Yes - you will want to download both versions.

The 64-but version will let you render with more RAM. This is almost never important, but may come in handy for very large jobs and/or very large renderings.

Does the software allocate jobs according to performance

or is there an option to change proportion of work per machine ? _ If not using an older\slower machine could degrade overall performance.

The jobs are assigned to the farm machines one at a time, as the machine becomes available. The reason to create about 2 1/2 times as many slices as machines it the hopes that the slower machines will only try to process one slice while the faster machines will process 3 or more slices.

However, you do not want too many slices - because the rendering of each slice requires copying the entire model over the network, loading the model, and then saving the nXtImage file of the result over the network.

In general, the Render Farm is only going to be faster for rather large jobs, without too many slices.

Fequently Asked Questions

  • I am not seeing the farm icon in my toolbar. It is ticked in the toolbar config area and I have the farm software installed. What else do I need to do?
Have you installed the Render Farm on the machine where you are running SketchUp.
Even if the machine running SketchUp is not gong to be used as an active farm, the farm needs to be installed.

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