October 2008 Newsletter

October 2008 Render Plus Newsletter


Emirates Palace from the 3D Warehouse
High quality animations of SketchUp models can be made with IRender nXt. In IRender nXt animation is created by rendering scenes, moving the camera, and rendering the next frame.

Batch Rendering

Batch Rendering will allow you to render models which are 5 to 20 times larger.

Also, Batch Rendering can will allow you to render the drawing on another computer on your network.

Section Planes

We have added support for SketchUp Sections.

Alpha Channel Ground Planes

Rendered model with shadow, placed as an alpha image on top of a background image.
(You can composite the images in SketchUp if desired.)

With an Alpha Transparent Ground Plane, you can save the rendering as an Alpha Transparent image, and the ground plane will be transparent. However, shadows on the ground will be visible. This can be used to place the ground plane image on top of a background image and still see where the shadows would appear.

Visible Light Paths


You can create a Visible Light Path effect for a IRender nXt rendering.

This will emulate the effect of a light beam in a smoky or foggy room.

AccuRender nXt for Revit

We have ported the IRender nXt engine to Revit as nXt for AccuRender Revit .

Positioning Background Images

Note the line down the center of the background, because it has been shifted.

Now you can enlarge or offset a Background Image, or treat it as a cylindrical or spherical projection.

Saving Defaults

Now you can change the IRender defaults which are used for new models, and also save defaults in disk files, making it easier to load and use the same settings in other models.

Trial Version

If you haven't tried IRender nXt yet, download a trial version from: Downloads Page

If you have already tried it out, but want to take another look, request a new 30-day trial from Render Plus Support Email