November 2008 Newsletter

November 2008 Render Plus Newsletter

There have been a number of changes in IRender nXt this month. You should try the latest version. See: IRender nXt



RpTreeMaker is a free add-on for SketchUp to create custom Tree Components.

The custom trees are generated using a tree editor and then saved as 2D, always-face-camera, images in a SketchUp component for placement in your model.

  • See this Thread on the SketchUp Community Forum for user responses and examples.

Tree Editor


The Tree Editor is a feature of IRender nXt which allows you to create definitions for Fractal Trees, save them in a library as .ArPlant files and then use them as plants in IRender nXt.

We are going to release a special version of the Tree Editor as a free, stand-alone add-on for SketchUp. It will create custom trees and save them in SketchUp as 2D always-face-camera images. This should be ready for release by the end of November.

Educational Versions

We offer discounts for students, teachers, schools and classroom lab licenses. Students and teachers must provide school name and id.



Animation has been improved to make smaller animation files and to process SketchUp layer changes between animation frames.

Click this link for an animation loaded to YouTube.

Trial Version

If you haven't tried IRender nXt yet, download a trial version from: Downloads Page

If you have already tried it out, but want to take another look, request a new 30-day trial from Render Plus Support Email